FWH Saucepan Set [3 Piece – Small]

FWH Saucepan Set [3 Piece – Small]

FWH Saucepan Set (Small)

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Product Description

FWH Saucepan

CHEF brings the most desirable FWH Saucepan Set for you to help cooking easy.

CHEF non-stick Gift Set helps cook healthy and delicious food for yourself and your loved ones.

Majestic CHEF is the perfect fit for your home.

Majestic CHEF RWH Saucepan Set Features:

FWH Saucepan Set (Small)

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Precaution while Cooking

  • You will gain better cooking results using low to medium flame.
  • Always keep cookware clean when not in use.

Majestic CHEF is a No.1 Cookware Manufacturer in Pakistan. We have a vast collection of Kitchen accessories, Wok, Slicer, Ricer, and handheld food processor, which are helpful tools in your daily routine.