SHANGRILA Gift Pack Set – [Red – 17 Pcs]

SHANGRILA Gift Pack Set – [Red – 17 Pcs]

Chef Non Stick Cookware Set 17 Pcs – Red

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    Product Description

    Chef Non-Stick Cookware Set 17 pcs

    Buy best quality Chef Non-Stick Cookware Set 17 Pcs online in Pakistan. Order your Cookware Set from best and official Chef Cookware website and get it delivered in your home. We have best online price in Pakistan.

    Product details of Chef Non-Stick Cookware Set 17 pcs cooking set nonstick cookware set kitchen set nonstick kitchen set complete N S-333

    • Casserole 24cm with lid Thickness:1.63 mm Capacity: 7.5Liters
    • Wok with lid 28cm Thickness:1.63 mm Capacity: 6.5Liters
    • Frypan 26cm Thickness:2.3 mm
    • Milk pan 16cm Thickness:1.83 mm Capacity: 1.81Liters
    • Pressure Cooker 5ltr WIth Lid Thickness:3.56mm
    • Baking Disk 30cm
    • Tools nylon 3pcs
    • Sponge 1pcs
    • Glove 1pcs
    • Wooden spoon 2pcs
    • Turner 1pcs