Chef Best Quality Large Tawa Metal Finish – 35 cm

Chef Best Quality Large Tawa Metal Finish – 35 cm

Large Tawa Metal Finish – 35 cm

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Product Description

Chef Best Aluminum Tawa / Roti Maker – Metal Finish

CHEF brings the most desirable Tawa for you to help cooking easy.

Majestic CHEF is the perfect fit for your home.

Majestic CHEF Tawa Features:

    • Dishwasher Safe
    • Food Grade
    • Ultra-Durable Kitchen Set
    • ECO-Friendly
    • Free from Side Effects

Precaution while Cooking

    • To prevent overheating and fire, always pay attention when pre-heating.
    • You will gain better cooking results using low to medium flame.
    • Always keep cookware clean when not in use.

Make perfect Chapati with the Chef Metal Tawa. Export Quality! Made Specially for Home Usage.

Removing Discoloration from Aluminum Utensils.

Discoloration that appears on aluminum utensils can be removed by boiling a solution of two to three tablespoons of cream of tartar, lemon juice or vinegar to each quart of water in the utensil for 5 to 10 minutes. Next, lightly scour with a soap-filled scouring pad. Cooking acid foods such as tomatoes or rhubarb will remove the stains naturally without affecting the cooked food product. To remove stains from the aluminum exterior, use a non-abrasive cleanser.
Majestic CHEF is a No.1 Cookware Manufacturer in Pakistan. We have a vast collection of Kitchen accessories, Wok, Slicer, Ricer, and handheld food processor, which are helpful tools in your daily routine.