CHEF Aluminum Pressure Cooker Steamer 1305 – [9 Liter]

CHEF Aluminum Pressure Cooker Steamer 1305 – [9 Liter]

CHEF Aluminium Pressure Cooker Steamer 1305


  • A research product based on 70 years of excellent kitchenware.
  • Food-grade rubber ring from virgin material.
  • Made from highly selective material.
  • 70% faster and energy-saving cooking.
  • Quick, hygienic, and easy cooking.
  • Ergonomic design, stay-cool, matte finish handles.
  • High-temperature-resistant handles.
  • Highly safe lock system
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Product Description

Cooking with CHEF Aluminum Pressure Cooker 9 Liter is the process of cooking food, using water or other cooking liquid, in a sealed vessel known as a pressure cooker. It simulates the effects of long braising within a shorter time.

Pioneers in Aluminum Pressure Cooking Range

Majestic Chef holds the title of being the first manufacturer of pressure cookers in Pakistan. We offer a lifetime pressure cooker blast-free guarantee with unmatched opening and closing characteristics.

Types of CHEF Aluminum Pressure Cooker 9 Liter

There are two kinds of CHEF Aluminum Pressure Cooker Steamer cookers one consistently sold are produced using Aluminium which cook very quick when contrasted with whatever else.

In any case, experienced cooks will disclose to you that the food arranged with a treated steel pressure cooker will consistently taste better however set aside some additional effort to cook through totally.

Pressure Cooker Steamer Prices

The best cost of a Pressure Cooker in Pakistan is Rs.6700 and the lowest price found is Rs.3000. The costs of Pressure Cooker are gathered from the most trusted online store in Pakistan

Cook in Short Time with CHEF Aluminum Pressure Cooker 9 Liter

If you spend a decent piece of your time in the kitchen trusting. That meat and veggies will cook appropriately then make proper acquaintance with pressure cookers!

A lifeline for cooks, this clever device can cut cooking times by the greater part giving you adequate opportunity to do different things in life rather than slave away in the heat.  We are life in regions that are higher in altitude where meats and vegetables set aside more effort to cook.

Easy to Clean

Pressure cookers are really simple to keep up with as they need no additional care like cast irons or air fryers. for more about clean Pressure Cooker read it from it simple green.